"Hi, I'm a voice over artist with major market experience based in the U.S.A.

I provide voice-over for everything from corporate training videos, infomercials, to national and international commercials.

Please consider my expertise and 30 years of voice over experience for your next project...

I will record a quality KILLER 60 second audio or video, voice-over or testimonial, professionally for you for an absolute bargain price of just $14.99"

 All voice over projects are delivered in high quality mp3 with a 24 hour service












Voice-over samples below open in a new window.,:

* Hear Just Some of My Different Voice-Over Samples

* Sample Phone Greeting

* Sample Commercial Ad 

* Sample Radio Announcement

* Sample Sales Ad

* Sample Wedding



Over 4,000 Rave Voiceover Reviews
                               And With a 24 HOUR Express Service

Voice over projects delivered within 24 hours!! Before you pick someone for  your voice over or voice mail message, check out THE VIDEO DEMO from this top radio talent with over thirty years of experience. Worked at  some of America's largest radio stations and recorded numerous radio and TV  spots as well as corporate video narrations. Also offers a wide range of  delivery. Hard-sell, soft-sell, straight read, urban read, personable,  dramatic trailer, etc.   


Will work  to give you a fair and accurate cost estimate of projects over 60 seconds and/or with music.

If you need an accurate estimate send your script to me HERE

Whatever you need. I will work with you to get it right or your money back. 








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